Directions (for a single serving, multiply as needed): Warm 180 ml of milk, or nut mylk. to just below a simmer, then add 3 rounded tablespoons of mix and stir until the chocolate has melted. Remove from heat, add one cinnamon stick, allow to steep for 5 minutes. Pour & enjoy!

Limited Edition

Ancho Chile

Drinking Chocolate

The ancient Aztecs were surely in the grip of divine inspiration when they created this “Drink of the Gods”. Decadent and barely sweet, with just enough spice to dazzle your palate and warm your insides. Our interpretation of this magical beverage includes cocoa and 70% dark chocolate, sticks of cinnamon, and a blend of fine spices including ground ancho chiles. Indulgent and a bit spicy, just the way Valentine’s Day should be! *gluten & dairy-free*

$10.95 CAD


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