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Ancho Chile Drinking Chocolate $10.95 CAD

top shelf

At Real Treat™, when we discuss the product lines, we refer to the original line, the one we launched with, as the “top shelf” line, and we do so because these are premium cookies for grown-ups. The flavours are unique, and the ingredients we include in them are exceptional. Each of the “top shelf” flavours will surprise your palate and inspire you to pause and savour it, for these are not to be rushed. These are cookies to entertain with or indulge in with a glass of wine after the kids have gone to bed. Certified organic and unapologetically delicious™, these cookies are a conversation starter that make a memorable gift.
Lemon Sablés with Herbes de Provence $9.95 CAD Salted Caramel Shorties with Fennel $9.95 CAD
Dark Chocolate Chunk with Smoked Pecans $9.95 CAD Double Dark Chocolate with a Twist $9.95 CAD
Top Shelf Four Flavour Bundle $37.95 CAD Top Shelf Snack Pack Bundle $12.95 CAD


Our new Pantry line exists to satisfy the craving we all have for those cookies we enjoyed in our kitchens at home when we were growing up. These are those staples of lunch boxes, afternoon snacks, and tea parties. The cookies our mums served up with a mug of hot chocolate on a brisk Canadian winter day. We crave those cookies not just for the nostalgic flavours, but because of the ingredients with which these homemade cookies were made that made them the cookies you crave™: real food & love.
Oatmeal Raisin $7.95 CAD Chocolate Chunk $7.95 CAD
Chocolate Macaroon $7.95 CAD Brown Sugar Shortbread $7.95 CAD


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