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Taking inspiration from fond memories, places traveled, and pure fantasy, our flavours tell a story with every cookie.

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We don't use preservatives, artificial flavours or substitutions. We use only the best quality organic ingredients.

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We make our cookies by hand, in small batches. No two cookies look the same and we like to think that makes them all the more appetizing.


Real Treat™ was founded to create indulgent treats made with clean ingredients, ones that aren't laden with toxic chemicals.
"A Real Treat is never a compromise, so we settle for nothing but the best quality ingredients when crafting them." - Jacqueline Day Founder and ceo Real Treat™ cookies are handmade in small batches in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Cochrane, Alberta. We like to say our cookies are unapologetically delicious™. What makes them unapologetic? We are serious about ingredients, and we don’t compromise when it comes to flavour or ethics. Every cookie is built on the foundation that gives any excellent cookie its “Yum!” factor: Butter, sugar, eggs, wheat flour, chocolate, nuts, and more. We don't use artificial flavours or substitutions. No preservatives, no additives, and no shortening. We use only the best quality real ingredients. A difference that makes for a far more satisfying indulgence. Where do the ethics come in? We are equally committed to organic, fair trade, non-GMO food cultivation, and are proud to be certified organic to Canadian, USDA and EU standards.

Why organic and not just "natural"?

Real Treat was founded to create indulgent treats made with clean ingredients. We are often asked why it is necessary to choose organic packaged foods as well as fruits and vegetables. The answer: All the ingredients in our cookies (except salt and baking soda) were once plants. Wheat becomes flour, sugar cane becomes granulated sugar, cocoa beans become chocolate, cows eat plants and produce cream for butter, etc. Pesticides and herbicides, if used, remain with the ingredients through processing. We'd rather eat a cookie that does not contain anything that rhymes with "ground up". Wouldn't you? Unfortunately, seeing "natural" on the label does not mean a product is free of pesticides or herbicides. One more reason to look for that organic symbol.

Every ingredient starts off as a plant, and if it's not certified organic

it has the potential to be laden with herbicides and pesticides.


"These are for cookie monsters with a taste for something a little more intriguing."

- City Palate magazine

"For the sophisticated palette, pairs very well with wine or whiskey and they make a great host or hostess gift...if they make it that far."

- GIllian hodges

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In addition to purchasing Real Treat cookies directly from us online, you may find them at the following fine venues. More are being added all the time, so please check back soon!

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"The most delicious cookies"

- arlene dickenson

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"-- for when you need a real treat. Or six." - avenue magazine
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