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 Unapologetically Delicious


Limited Edition

Ancho Chile Drinking Chocolate

The ancient Aztecs were surely in the grip of divine inspiration when they created this “Drink of the Gods”. Decadent and barely sweet, with just enough spice to dazzle your palate and warm your insides.

Our interpretation of this magical beverage includes cocoa and 70% dark chocolate, sticks of cinnamon, and a blend of fine spices including ground ancho chiles.

Indulgent and a bit spicy, just the way the Holidays should be!

*gluten & dairy-free*




Real Treat’s mission is to create indulgent cookies made with clean ingredients that don’t have the potential to be laden with toxic chemical residues. That is why we are committed to using only certified organic ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible. We are proud to be certified organic by EcoCert® to Canadian, USDA, and EU Standards.


Taking inspiration from fond memories, places traveled, and pure fantasy, our gourmet cookie flavours tell a story with every cookie. Some pair with wine & cheese, or a tumbler of fine scotch, while others are destined to have their decadence dunked in a glass of milk.


Everything we make in the Real Treat Kitchen is done by hand in small batches. That goes for our cookies as well as our signature compound ingredients like candied lemon peel and smoked pecans. Is it a lot of work? You bet. Is it worth it? Oh yeah. That’s how the love gets in!


We use only the best quality organic ingredients. Butter, fine Italian chocolate, butter, fresh lemons, nuts, spices, butter, unrefined cane sugar… Did we mention butter?

  • NO preservatives

  • NO artificial flavours

  • NO palm oil

 Top Shelf


Top Shelf Gourmet Cookies


At Real Treat™ when we discuss the product lines we refer to the original line, the one the company launched with, as the “Top Shelf” line; and we do so because these are premium cookies for grown-ups. The flavours are unique, and the ingredients we include in them are exceptional. Each of the “Top Shelf” flavours will surprise your palate and inspire you to pause and savour it, for these are not to be rushed. These are cookies to entertain with or indulge in with a glass of wine after the kids have gone to bed. Certified organic and Unapologetically Delicious™, these cookies are a conversation starter that make a memorable gift.


“These are for cookie monsters with a taste for something a little more intriguing”

City Palate Magazine

“For the sophisticated palette, pairs very well with wine or whiskey and they make a great host or hostess gift...if they make it that far."

Gillian Hodges, Global News Edmonton

“…for when you need a real treat. Or six.”

“Best Things to Eat in Calgary”, Avenue Magazine


The Cookies You Crave

RTP_Logo_2017-grey transp.png

Real Treat’s™ Pantry line exists to satisfy the craving we all have for those cookies we enjoyed in our kitchens at home when we were growing up. These are those staples of lunch boxes, afternoon snacks, and tea parties. The cookies our mums served up with a mug of hot chocolate on a brisk Canadian winter day. We yearn for those cookies not just for the nostalgic flavours, but because of the ingredients with which these homemade cookies were made that made them the Cookies You Crave™: real food & love.




Why do we like to say our cookies are unapologetically delicious™? Because we won’t compromise when it comes to the quality of the ingredients we use or our commitment to sustainable organic food cultivation.

Because we use butter, a lot of it. Let’s get real for a minute… Palm oil is not only decidedly un-tasty, harvesting of it is destroying important habitats and wreaking real havoc on ecosystems. And, let’s face it, butter brings the yum factor in a big way.

Because calories… They’re cookies after all, and any cookie worth eating is going to be a bit carby, and sugary, and probably not fad-diet-friendly. The good news is our cookies are SO flavourful you will likely be satisfied with just one or two. That said, we would never judge you for devouring the whole package, we get it, they are really good and the temptation is real.

Real Treat cookies are delicious. Sorry, not sorry :-)



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