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Limited Edition Holiday

Our Limited Edition Holiday line includes a classic favourite and a nutty shortbread that many claim is "the most delicious gluten-free cookie" they've ever tasted. So good, in fact, even those who happily eat wheat swoon over them!

Available through December... unless we sell out first : )

Top Shelf Gourmet Cookies

Real Treat's sofi Gold Award winning "Top Shelf" line is named for its natural habitat. These are not the cookies of school lunch boxes, these are premium cookies for grown-ups. The flavours are unique, and the ingredients we include in them are exceptional.

Real Treat Pantry

This collection exists to satisfy the craving we all have for those cookies we enjoyed in our kitchens at home when we were growing up. These are the timeless staples of lunch boxes, afternoon snacks, and tea parties. We crave those cookies not just for the nostalgic flavours, but for the ingredients that harken back to the homemade cookies of our youth: real food and love.

Drinking Chocolate

The ancient Aztecs were surely in the grip of divine inspiration when they created this “Drink of the Gods”. Decadent and barely sweet, with just enough spice to dazzle your palate and warm your insides. This is hot chocolate for grown-ups. 

Gourmet Gifts

Whether for your cookie-loving lover, bestie, or even yourself (you deserve it!) Real Treat’s collection of Gift Boxes and Gift Cards are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion.

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