What is your shipping policy?

We happily ship our cookies all over the world, and are pleased to offer free shipping within Canada with a minimum purchase of $60 CAD (excluding some remote regions), and to the US with a minimum purchase of $45 USD (excluding AK, HI, VI and PR).

For orders below the minimum for free shipping, we offer flat rates as follows:






1-2 days






1-2 days






3-9 days



1-2 days



3-9 days



1-2 days



4-8 days



2-3 days


For those regions to which we do not offer free or flat shipping we are pleased to offer competitive rates with various carriers. We humbly suggest the best way to amortize the cost of shipping is to buy more cookies! You can always pop them in the freezer if you think you won’t be able to enjoy them all before they pass their “best if enjoyed by date”… ha ha ha….as if.

Note: The free and flat shipping offers stated above are not applicable to wholesale purchases. To discuss shipping options for your wholesale account please contact your sales representative. 

What is the shelf life of your cookies?

Real Treat cookies will be great for a minimum of 4 months, and all packages are stamped with a “best if enjoyed by date”. Our organic certification means we do not use preservatives of any kind, but we have worked hard to source packaging that will keep them fresh for a good long while after they’ve been packaged. Of course, once you break the seal on the bag they are like any cookies you would make at home and, depending on your climate, best if enjoyed within a week or two. But who are we kidding… they won’t last that long, will they?

Do the cookies freeze well?

Oh yes, they freeze very well for a year, or thereabouts.

How do I order wholesale?

We are always looking for new retail, hospitality, and gift partners! Please complete the form on our Wholesale Partner page and tell us about your business. A member of our team will provide you with all the info you need to get our cookies in the mouths of your customers ASAP.

Why isn’t your address listed on your website?

We’d like to tell you it’s because we operate from a secret location to protect ourselves from espionage… But the truth is our very small (but mighty!) commercial space just isn’t set up to welcome drop-in customers or unscheduled guests. If you would like to schedule a meeting with a member of the team please send us a note via the form on our Contact page, or give us a call. We do not sell cookies directly to customers from this location. If you live in our home town of Cochrane place your order on the website and select the “I’m local!” shipping option and we’ll deliver them to you for free.

What does it mean when you say your cookies are “certified organic”?

Contrary to some myths you may have heard, the regulations around organic certification in Canada, the EU, and and USA are quite strict. In order to be permitted to make the organic claim, and print the organic seal on packaging, the products and facility are inspected annually by an accredited certification firm (EcoCert, in our case). We are required to meet firm requirements including:

  • All the ingredients we use are certified organic, which means they are also GMO-free

  • Any ingredients that cannot be certified organic, such as salt and baking soda, are free of chemical inputs like bleach, anti-clumping agents, and aluminum, to name just a few.

  • Non-certified organic ingredients cannot make up any more than 5% of the total product. This doesn’t mean we can fill that 5% with whatever we want, by the way. Every gram of anything that goes into our cookies must meet very strict requirements for irradiation and chemical composition.

  • We are required to use non-toxic cleaning products, even on the floors.

  • Our books are audited to ensure we didn’t just run out to the local grocery store for a bag of non-organic Robin Hood when we ran a bit short on flour one day.

If you would like to see a copy of our organic certification please let us know. We are very proud to have one and are happy to show it off!

I understand it might be better to eat organic produce, but are organic cookies really necessary?

We think so. Put it this way, every ingredient in our cookies (except for the salt and baking soda) started off as a plant. Flour comes from wheat, sugar from sugar cane, chocolate from cocoa beans… even the cow that made the cream ate plants. If those plants were treated with chemicals there is a good chance some of those chemicals stayed with the product through processing. So, yeah, if you are going to eat an organic salad you should think about cookies the same way.

Why don’t you offer a package of mixed flavours?

Well, although that sounds like a delicious way to try all our flavours in one neat little package, in reality that will backfire spectacularly. You’d end up with a lemon cookie that taste like a smoked pecan. If you would like to try a collection of our flavours without making the full-size package commitment, why not try a bundle of our Snack-Packs?

Do you have any gluten-free options, and are they worth eating?

Yes, and YES! We currently have one gluten-free cookie in our Real Treat Pantry line that is available year-round, and another in our Limited Edition Holiday line that is available October-December.

We have taken a solemn vow never to make a cookie that tastes like a consolation prize. All our gluten-free options are delicious enough to satisfy even the most die-hard gluten-friendly cookie monsters.

Are your gluten-free cookies made in a certified GF facility?

No. Though we do our very best to make our gluten-free cookies using gluten-free-friendly practices (like making and packaging them on a dedicated day, using sterilized equipment), ours is not a celiac-safe certified kitchen. Those with serious sensitivities to gluten are encouraged to proceed with caution.

Do you have egg-free options?

You bet. Our Double Dark Chocolate with a Twist (Top Shelf), Brown Sugar Shortbread (Pantry), Spiced Pecan Shortbread (Holiday) are all egg-free, as are both varieties of our Drinking Chocolate.

Do you have any vegan options?

Our gourmet Drinking Chocolate is vegan, but when it comes to cookies the answer is no. We’re in the delicious business, remember? I kid, I kid. There are some producers making truly excellent plant-based treats (shoutout to our friends at Little Tucker and RemarkaBall. ) We are happy to stick to our butter-laden corner and let the vegans do what they do best, while we rock our specialty.

Any more questions?

Please feel free to send us a note and we will do our best to answer them.