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    This bundle includes 3 packages each of our two gourmet flavours of drinking chocolate.

    The ancient Aztecs were surely in the grip of divine inspiration when they created this “Drink of the Gods”. Our interpretation of this magical beverage includes cocoa and 70% dark chocolate. Both flavours are decadent and barely sweet. 

    Aromatic Drinking Chocolate is a masterful blend of 70% dark chocolate and cocoa, creating an elixir with a subtle sweetness. Delicate spices complement the richness of dark chocolate, making it a truly luxurious experience.

    Ancho Chile Drinking Chocolate has a hint of warmth and intrigue. Ground ancho chiles infuse a gentle spice into our cocoa and 70% dark chocolate blend. Accompanied by aromatic spices, each cup offers a journey into the heart of flavour.

    This is hot chocolate for grown-ups. Indulgent and a bit spicy, just like us ; )

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    Drinking Chocolate