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Real Treat Corporate Gift Collection 2023

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As the holiday season approaches, we understand the importance of selecting the perfect gifts for your valued clients. At Real Treat, we share your commitment to excellence. Here, we believe in the power of unapologetic indulgence, a desire that can only be satisfied by products crafted with the finest ingredients, all right here in Cochrane.
We're thrilled to present you with a compelling reason to consider our gift boxes for this year's holiday gifting—a delightful blend of irresistibly decadent treats and a heartfelt dedication to sustainability that is bound to create a lasting impression.
Real Treat Quality
Our philosophy is simple – our treats should make you swoon. Our cookies are crafted with love, a lot of butter, and meticulous attention to detail right here in Cochrane. What's more, our products are certified organic to meet the rigorous standards of USDA, Canadian, and EU regulations. You can trust that our products are of the highest quality and uphold the values of sustainability.
Foodie Street Cred
Real Treat boasts a string of accolades spanning both Canada and the US, including Gold SOFI and NEXTY awards. Our gourmet cookies have graced the pages of esteemed publications such as the New York Times, Boston Globe, Global TV, and more. If you're seeking social proof, we invite you to visit our website, where you'll find thousands of glowing five-star reviews from our fans.
Local Love
Our products are proudly made in Cochrane, embodying the spirit of our vibrant community. Just as the legendary pizza dough and bagels of New York are accredited to the NYC water, we are sure our cookies are made better by the pristine waters of the Bow River.
Woman-Owned and Operated
Real Treat is not just a brand; it's owned and operated by your neighbours, fostering local entrepreneurship and celebrating the rich tapestry of diversity.
In addition to our certified organic credentials, our gift boxes are assembled in reusable packaging. Our high-quality glossy boxes are adorned with a magnetic closure, making them ideal for holiday gifting. Even the tins can be repurposed to store homemade treats for years to come.
Competitive Pricing
Real Treat gift boxes offer excellent value without compromising on quality, ensuring that you get more for your investment.
This holiday season, let Real Treat be your accomplice in creating heartwarming moments for your clients. Indulge in decadent treats while making a positive impact on both the planet and the local economy.
If you have any questions or want to discuss your specific gifting needs, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to sweeten your holiday season and make it truly memorable.
Please click here for an overview of Real Treat: Brand Overview
View our 2023 Gift Collection here: Gift Catalogue

The Four Pillars of a Real Treat Cookie


For the health of the planet and ourselves, we are committed to using certified organic ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible.

Unapologetically Delicious

Real Treat is on a mission to bring decadence to organics with cookies that always satisfy, because an organic treat shouldn't have to taste like a compromise.


We use butter in our cookies. Lots and lots of butter. You will never find palm oil or hydrogenated anything in any one of our cookies, and that right there friends is a big part of our "Yum!" factor.


Taking inspiration from fond memories, places traveled, and pure fantasy, our gourmet flavours tell a story with every cookie. Some pair with wine & cheese, while others are destined to have their decadence dunked in a glass of milk.

We make cookies because we love to make people smile.

We make them using organic ingredients for the well-being of bees, people, and our precious ecosystems

Who, where, why?

Real Treat is based in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. Here the crisp mountain air, clean glacial water, and stunning views make for a pretty fab spot to make just about anything.

So, why cookies?

I love cookies. More than any other sweet treat I love cookies, and have been making them since I could reach a counter-top standing on phone books. My belief that cookies are the perfect treat is unwavering. Cookies can satisfy a small craving for a treat on-the-go or be made into a complete dessert experience. Cookies are perfect. Real Treat was founded out of this love for cookies and a devotion to flavourful food made with clean ingredients.

We believe supporting sustainable organic agriculture is one of the best ways we can ensure strong bee populations, healthy ecosystems, and protect the health of ourselves and the cookie monsters we love.

But the truth that guides us most strongly of all is that, to be worth eating, a cookie must be delicious. Here at Real Treat we do not compromise on the quality of the ingredients we use. You will never find artificial flavours, preservatives, or palm oil in any of our cookies. In our kitchen we use butter... lots, and lots of butter.

So that’s why cookies, and why organic, and now you know why we named this enterprise Real Treat. A swoon-worthy “real treat” of a cookie, made with only real food. No consolation prizes, we promise.

Jacqueline Day, Founder & CEO

Jacqueline Day wears an apron and smiles in the Real Treat Kitchen.
The awards Real Treat has received are shown including the NEXTY from Expo West and Gold SOFI from the Fancy Food Show and Specialty Food Association.


We are honoured to have received some of the industry's most prestigious awards, including a Gold SOFI from the Specialty Food Association and a NEXTY at the Natural Foods Expo West. We are still pinching ourselves!

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