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Elevate Your Holiday Gifting with Real Treat

Posted on November 02 2023, By: Jacqueline Day

The holidays are on the horizon, and the quest for the perfect client gifts is in full swing. At Real Treat, we know the importance of choosing gifts that leave a lasting impression. Our sophisticated gift boxes seamlessly blend irresistible cookies and a deep commitment to sustainability, making them the ultimate choice for indulgent yet responsible gifting.

Indulgence Meets Purpose: 

Our mantra is simple: our products should deliver pure indulgence. We craft our cookies with lavish amounts of butter, premium chocolate, fresh spices, and other exquisite ingredients that combine to make Real Treat cookies “unapologetically delicious”.

 A Commitment to Sustainability:

At Real Treat, we take our environmental responsibility seriously. We firmly believe that supporting organic agriculture is one of the most vital steps we can take for the well-being of our planet. Organic products not only benefit the environment but also support the welfare of farm workers, bees, and all creatures, great and small. Additionally, all our gifts are elegantly packaged in high-quality reusable boxes and tins. By choosing Real Treat, you can relish a delicious product while contributing to the well-being of our planet - a gift that keeps on giving.

A Track Record of Excellence:

Real Treat has received recognition in the form of Gold SOFI and NEXTY awards, and we've been featured in prestigious publications like the New York Times, Boston Globe, Toronto Life, Avenue Magazine, and more. If you're seeking some social proof, we invite you to peruse our website, where you'll find hundreds of glowing five-star reviews from our loyal fans.

 Why Choose Real Treat Gifts?

Our gift boxes and tins are the ideal choice for your client gifts this season because they embody:

  • Local Craftsmanship: Proudly made in Cochrane, AB they encapsulate the spirit of our community here in the Foothills, Bow Valley and Calgary.
  • Woman-Owned and Operated: Real Treat is owned and operated by women of Cochrane, fostering local entrepreneurship and diversity.
  • Sustainability: Our products, proudly bearing an organic seal, are elegantly packaged in premium gift boxes and tins showcasing your commitment to both quality and the environment.
  • Options for Every Budget: The Real Treat gift collection includes options for every budget and offer excellent value without compromising on quality, ensuring you get more for your investment.

This holiday season, let Real Treat help you create memorable moments for your clients by indulging in our delicious products and making a positive impact on the planet. Explore our gift collection here, and discover how we can add a touch of indulgence and sustainability to your holiday gifting.

If you have any questions or specific gifting needs, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to sweeten your holiday season in every way.


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